Facing issues with thermal data processing?

Let us help you! Over the past years, we at TeAx regularly received feedback from owners and operators of thermal cameras that their captured thermal data is suboptimal for thermal mapping. An often-mentioned vital issue, for example, is “cold corners” in each frame. They sometimes make it impossible to create a homogenous thermal map. In ..

Extended Value: External Shutter for FLIR Vue Pro R – Increased temperature accuracy by up to 70%

The external shutter ThermalCapture Calibrator – now available for FLIR UAS products (Vue Pro / Vue Pro R series) – enables consistent thermal measurements and increases the temperature accuracy for absolute temperature measurement by up to 70%. A truly unique add-on for the global thermal drone market. WILNSDORF, Germany, 20th June 2019 – TeAx Technology, ..

ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom,  50mm thermal lens:  Long Range EOIR Camera

Upgrade for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom: Fully integrated 50mm thermal lens for security and surveillance long range operations. WILNSDORF, Germany, 11th October 2018 – TeAx Technology, an innovative, trend-setting solution provider for thermal imaging technology within the global drone industry unveils an upgrade for its leading dual camera ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, 50mm thermal ..

Unique Upgrade: External Shutter for Thermal Imaging Drone Payloads by TeAx

Designed for FLIR Tau 2 cores range as well as FLIR UAS products (Vue Pro / R series), ThermalCapture Calibrator enables consistent thermal measurements and increases the temperature accuracy for absolute temperature measurement up to 70%, compared to other, currently available solutions. WILNSDORF, Germany, 30st August 2018 – TeAx Technology, an innovative, trend-setting solution provider ..

Free Radiometric Sample Data for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom

Free radiometric sample data of the ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom Download and use the following sample data for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom in the free ThermoViewer. Make sure you always work with the latest (beta) version to try the sample data. All downloads here: https://thermalcapture.com/software-sample-data-thermalcapture-fusion-zoom/ About ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, the most lightweight drone dual ..

ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom in Search and Rescue – Finding A Missing Person In The Woods

When every moment counts: Leading thermal drone technology by TeAx Technology – Search & Rescue Drone Operations with ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom with a DJI Matrice 100 in Search and Rescue mission – finding a missing person in the woods with a thermal drone. First Responders and Search & Rescue Finding A Missing ..

TeAx and FLIR Boson: First add-on of ThermalCapture series, enabling communication for thermal drone operations.

Designed and based on the new FLIR Boson core, TeAx released its first add-on out of the well-known ThermalCapture series. The add-on is the first of its kind and brings a serial interface (UART) to the FLIR Boson in order to enable communication for thermal drone operations with the new thermal core from FLIR together ..

Conservation work with TeAx ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom in South Africa

Researchers try to save South Africa’s rarest mammal, the riverine rabbit – today listed as critically in danger. A team of Astro Physicists from Liverpool University, experts of thermal imaging technology, are leading the project. Next to other technology, the team especially uses thermal imaging technology and did choose the EOIR ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom for ..

The Future Today: Intelligent, AI Thermal Drone Operations Enabled – Meet The New Add-On ThermalCapture Smart+

  Designed for the previously announced Electro-Optical Infrared (EOIR) system, ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, TeAx Technology unveils its latest development for the global drone industry: A powerful computing environment, designed for the full radiometric EOIR system ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom. Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms – in real-time with access to optical and thermal ..

Drone Thermal Mapping with ThermalCapture and Icaros  OneButton 5.1

Icaros and TeAx Announce An Integrated Drone Mapping Solution for Radiometric ThermalCapture (FLIR core) Sensors FAIRFAX, Virginia, USA / WILNSDORF, Germany, 1 July 2017 – Icaros Inc., a leading provider of aerial imaging software, is pleased to announce that version 5.1 of OneButton™ Standard and Professional image processing software for unmanned aerial systems (drones) contains ..

Unveiled: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom. World’s first fully aligned, super-lightweight zoom-able dual camera

Wilnsdorf, Germany – April, 2017 – Today, the German company TeAx Technology is unveiling its latest product development for the global, thermal drone market: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, the most lightweight dual camera with an RGB zoom factor. “This is just another major step forward for the global drone industry and those, who are dealing with ..

Upgraded: Meet The New ThermoViewer 2.0<br />Post-Processing For Aligned RGB & Thermal Data

ThermoViewer 2.0. Enabling commercial thermal drone operations. With the launch of its new dual RGB/thermal camera ThermalCapture Fusion (read press release), TeAx Technology just announced its latest software upgrade for ThermoViewer, the brand new version 2.0. The free software provides a straight forward approach for post-processing of stored thermal data based on ThermalCapture products. With ..

Game-Changing: Thermal Mapping Using TeAx Technology.

Finally on the market: Homogeneous stitching for thermal mapping TeAx Technology, an innovative drone tech company focusing also on thermal drone solutions, is now providing a smart way of stitching thermal images. Why this has been an issue so far – explained and made transparent in the following. The problem: Shutter events to perform flat-field-correction ..

Drone Thermal Camera Comparison Sheet

You want to use thermal imaging technology on your drone but you are uncertain about what available solutions would fit best for you? We at TeAx created a drone thermal camera comparison sheet to help you out on this. We provide an overview on capabilities for EOIR / Dual Cameras such as ThermalCapture Fusion and ..

Powerful: Thermal Vision combined with Intelligent Algorithms.

Make the most out of your thermal vision devices – make them smart! “Knowledge is power.” Under this slogan, high-tech company TeAx Technology from Germany is providing again another powerful solution in the field of thermal vision: Intelligent thermal cameras. Based on its successful product line ThermalCapture (TC Storage, TC Grabber, TC MiniAV), TeAx Technology ..

Worlds Smallest And Lightest Drone Thermal Camera

ThermalCapture MiniAV – if size and weight do matter Previously introduced as “World’s smallest LWIR Drone” (see press release), TeAx Technology used a small consumer drone as a technical demonstrator for its super lightweight ThermalCapture MiniAV. The ThermalCapture MiniAV is a fully functional thermal camera with analog video out. The weight is only 5g (0.01 ..

ThermalCapture In Space

Due to ambitious students from University of Bremen (Germany) and their Fire Safety Research Experiment, ThermalCapture also made it to space for special researches. The whole experiment is based on the German-Swedish student programme REXUS/BEXUS. The REXUS/BEXUS programme is organized in cooperation between the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and ..

ThermalCapture In Forest Fire Management

The scientists at the Ljungberg Lab at the Swedish University of agricultural Sciences in Umeå went for a two day field excursion to test thermal cameras and new drones. Joining the students at the Fire Management course at the Forest faculty, who were going to make a prescribed burning of a 20 ha clear-cut. The ..

Digital Thermal Data Streaming – In Real Time.

Stream digital, radiometric thermal data in real-time to your environment – with ThermalCapture Grabber USB With the add-on ThermalCapture for Tau 2 cores, engineers from the German company TeAx Technology created a solution, which allows to store radiometric thermal data from Tau 2 cores. For other use cases, rather “streaming” than “storing” is an actual ..

Worlds Smallest Commercial LWIR Thermal Drone

ThermalCapture MiniAV – Thermal Imaging Technology in a new scale The German high-tech company TeAx technology, a leading edge drone system integrator with an international reputation, just did it again: Another proof of their excellence in designing and engineering of smallest and most lightweight solutions within the context of the commercial drone industry. “Offering clients ..

Drone Thermal Cameras – What To Choose When

What thermal camera ideally should be used in drone operations “I want to use thermal imaging technology on my drone. Now, what would be the best thermal camera I should be using? What is the difference between a Flir Vue, Flir Vue Pro, Tau 2 VPC, Tau 2 ThermalCapture or TC MiniAV?” From a technical ..

ThermalCapture meets UB-FIRE

ThermalCapture in Fire Safety Research Experiments The UB-FIRE team (University of Bremen, Germany – Fire Safety Research Expirement) did some experiments with ThermalCapture: “With the infrared camera another core item has arrived for our experiment! We use this camera to investigate the flame propagation velocity of burning samples under microgravity conditions. The camera system comprises ..

Thermal Drone Wildlife Monitoring

ThermalCapture in action – Thermal Drone Wildlife Monitoring The video shows ThermalCapture (along with a Tau 2 core) in the field. The client is using the Thermal Camera Tau 2 + ThermalCapture for The video is kindly provided by http://www.coptertec.de

FLIR’s Tau2 Thermal Imaging Camera Helps TeAx Maximise Thermal Video On-board UAVs

Introduction Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are being used in a wide range of applications such as surveillance monitoring, aerial thermography, law enforcement, security work and firefighting. Although the application of this technology is still on the rise, acquiring high-quality video images from a UAV can be difficult at times because of poor video transmission. To ..

Season’s Greetings 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Dear clients, partners and friends, We would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for a fantastic collaboration – for helping to make 2014 a full success. Best wishes fromthe whole team of TeAx Technology. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy ..