Upgrade for ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom: Fully integrated 50mm thermal lens for security and surveillance long range operations.

WILNSDORF, Germany, 11th October 2018 – TeAx Technology, an innovative, trend-setting solution provider for thermal imaging technology within the global drone industry unveils an upgrade for its leading dual camera ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, 50mm thermal lens. With its fully integrated, radiometric FLIR Tau 2 640 50mm, the dual camera is specifically setting a new level for security and surveillance operations. The dual camera can be used on drones up in the air, on ground robots and in every situation, where size and weight matter, but full performance is needed.

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Based in the Siegen area, Germany, TeAx Technology is a leading provider for both, thermal imaging technology and special system integration. As lab researchers involved in the industry since 2007, the key staff of TeAx Technology provides extraordinary knowledge and experience within embedded systems, remote sensing, sensor development, sensor data fusion, as well as system- and special payload integration. Apart from that, TeAx Technology is frequently consulted when special expertise for holistic and complex unmanned solutions (e.g. swarming, ground-to-air cooperation, etc.) is needed. TeAx Technology established solutions to some of the largest organizations and government entities worldwide since 2013. For further information, please contact Michael Thoss, VP Sales & Marketing directly at – learn more on or