Digital Thermal Data Streaming – In Real Time.

Stream digital, radiometric thermal data in real-time to your environment – with ThermalCapture Grabber USB

With the add-on ThermalCapture for Tau 2 cores, engineers from the German company TeAx Technology created a solution, which allows to store radiometric thermal data from Tau 2 cores. For other use cases, rather “streaming” than “storing” is an actual or preferred solution. With that in mind, TeAx engineers created another ‘family member’ to the ThermalCapture series – ThermalCapture Grabber USB.


With ThermalCapture Grabber USB, clients are now able to stream full radiometric, 14 bit raw data from Tau 2 cores straight to data processing units, such as embedded systems, stationary computers or others. “We received a lot of requests from our clients all over the world, wondering, if a streaming solution would be possible based on our reliable product line ThermalCapture – and our clients know, that the answers to their technical problems from TeAx side always is and will be ‘yes, we can – it is possible with us’. And that’s when we started to develop another success story.” Markus Ax, CEO of TeAx Technology says.

Another great part of ThermalCapture Grabber USB is, that it comes with a comprehensive and open SDK: The Mac OS X, Linux and Windows SDK makes access to full 14-bit radiometric and non-radiometric raw data very easy. Additionally the serial configuration interface of the TAU core can be accessed during raw data transfer. The SDK is open source to allow an easy porting to different hardware platforms.

Areas of applications for ThermalCapture Grabber USB:

There are various applications for ThermalCapture Grabber USB – especially in combination with unmanned systems (drones). Most relevant applications are for example in:

Aerial (Unmanned) Systems – RPAS / UAS


  • Intelligent, automated infrastructure inspections (Solar Panels, Roofs, …)
  • Smart Detection for Security and Surveillance operations
  • Autonomous Operating System (due to thermal sensor input)
  • Other

Ground (Unmanned) Systems – UGV / Ground Robots


  • Intelligent, automated infrastructure inspections (Construction sites, real time sensor data fusion, mapping, …)
  • Smart Detection for Security and Surveillance operations
  • Autonomous Operating System (due to thermal sensor input)
  • Other

Fixed-Installations Systems (e.g. factories)


  • Process control
  • Quality Management
  • Object classification
  • Damage detection
  • Other

Overview on ThermalCapture Grabber USB:

TOP Features at a glance:

  • USB 2.0 high speed grabber for Tau cores
  • Low latency raw data streaming
  • Supports TAU 160, 324, 336, 640
  • For radiometric and non-radiometric cores
  • Supports slow- and fast-video TAU cores up to 30 fps
  • Easy integration due to open source Software Development Kit (SDK) – available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

TOP Specifications at a glance:

  • Weight: 25g (without TAU Core)
  • Size: 46mm x 42mm x 15mm
  • Power: 150mA at 5V (from USB)s

Thermal Unmanned Systems – All-in-one solutions from TeAx

Since TeAx Technology is a system integrator by heart, of course full solutions are being available to clients. Speaking for ThermalCapture Grabber USB, the solution can be placed with aerial or ground unmanned systems (drones). Since TeAx Technology is an independent company, the team can perfectly consult its clients on their actually needs and will find solutions for their challenges.

Service & Support

For TeAx Technology clients and their request are taken seriously. No matter what it is, the team is always listening carefully and is supporting where it can. This is appreciated by clients from all over the world: Feel free to read a use case and testimonial from John Wolcott, who runs a company Industrial Aerobotics in the US.

Contact & Further Information

Contact us today and receive further information on ThermalCapture Grabber USB and related (drone) solutions we can provide to you.

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