Drone Thermal Cameras – What To Choose When


What thermal camera ideally should be used in drone operations

I want to use thermal imaging technology on my drone. Now, what would be the best thermal camera I should be using? What is the difference between a Flir Vue, Flir Vue Pro, Tau 2 VPC, Tau 2 ThermalCapture or TC MiniAV?

From a technical perspective, we at TeAx Technology created on overview to provide answers to that. In our matrix, we consider and compare technical features but also hard facts, such as weight, size and resolutions.

Talking about technical features of the various thermal cameras, we compare the capabilities for

  • Analog live video

  • Multiple color palettes

  • Wide field of view lenses

  • Isotherms

  • Spotmeter

  • Record 14-­bit data

  • Field‐upgradable firmware

  • Remotely start/stop recording

  • Geo‐location of data

  • Narrow field of view lenses

  • Sensitivity (NEdT) < 50mK at f/1.0

  • Record radiometric data

  • Per pixel temperature measurements

  • Record 14­‐bit data with full framerate

Feel free to download the overview in the following or in the “Product Documents” section.