Powerful: Thermal Vision combined with Intelligent Algorithms.

Make the most out of your thermal vision devices – make them smart!

“Knowledge is power.” Under this slogan, high-tech company TeAx Technology from Germany is providing again another powerful solution in the field of thermal vision:

Intelligent thermal cameras.

Based on its successful product line ThermalCapture (TC Storage, TC Grabber, TC MiniAV), TeAx Technology created a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate how easy and cost effective a processing computing power unit can be provided. For the POC a Tau 2 core, ThermalCapture Grabber USB and a preconfigured Raspberry Pi 3 (incl. 32GB SD-card) were being used. This kind of solution approach enables clients of TeAx to make the most out of their radiometric thermal data: allowing to apply smart algorithms to it. “Most of our worldwide clients do benefit from those kind of solutions as it helps them to use their data and convert them into useful knowledge”, Stefan Thamke, CEO of TeAx Technology says. And he continues: “Next to either apply smart algorithms in real-time or later in the post processing, we help to define and develop smart algorithms together with our clients, if they can’t.”

The mission for TeAx Technology is, to empower their clients with efficient and intelligent (thermal) solutions. Because TeAx understood: “Knowledge is power.” Let TeAx help you to empower your data into valuable knowledge for your business.

The proof of concept


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As the video demonstrates, even small algorithms can establish powerful tools, such as detecting automatically if temperatures rises – although they probably shouldn’t: For example and as seen as in the video, suddenly, there is a car and people on the field, which were not supposed to be there. Automatically, an alert is visually triggered to the pilot on his base station – which could be a control room as well.

Bottom line: Having the full digital radiometric thermal data stream available (due to ThermalCapture Grabber USB), TeAx engineers will be capable of creating intelligent algorithms based on your scenarios and its requirements. Also, due to TeAx’s powerful open-source SDK everyone is able to implement their own C++ based solution.
Be smart and make the most out of your technology.

Key components and related costs

ThermalCapture Grabber USB
$990.00 USD only.

Preconfigured Raspberry Pi 3
(incl. 32GB SD-card)
$100.00 USD only.

ThermalCapture Apps
Starts from $250.00 USD only.

The key components are based on a (radiometric) Flir Tau 2 core. ThermalCapture Apps can be applied to the full digital, radiometric data stream, provided by ThermalCapture Grabber USB. Contact us for further information on ThermalCapture Apps.

Who should be using intelligent thermal cameras?

An intelligent thermal camera from TeAx is the perfect tool for any businesses within

  • Industrial inspection
  • Research projects
  • Security / surveillance operations and
  • Agriculture monitoring

However, intelligent thermal cameras are not limited by these fields of applications and with their cost effective components, they become a relevant solution for small business up to big enterprise businesses.

Why should one use intelligent thermal cameras?

A solution like an intelligent thermal camera from TeAx will not replace a human being. However, in rather intensive operational moments where a lot of information are gathered, an intelligent tool is a great asset to support an operator.
In order to make sure that operators receive all relevant information from areas they need to inspect or protect, information is already filtered by smart algorithms. This saves a lot of time since only relevant information is presented to the operator.

How to get started?

How can TeAx help you bring intelligence to your thermal environment?

  1. Getting started with thermal vision
    There is nothing in place, yet you are in the need of a thermal solution. Of course, TeAx can provide you with a complete, holistic solution for your environment – be it for unmanned vehicles or permanent installations. Be it for real-time processing or post-processing. Be it for special environments where special integration is required or rather “standard” environments.

  2. Add TeAx ThermalCapture series
    If a (radiometric) thermal sensor – such as a Tau 2 core – is in place already, TeAx can easily bring you to the next level based on their ThermalCapture series and computing power units. On top of that, algorithms can be either developed/integrated from TeAx side or from a client on their own.

  3. Individual development
    Being one of the leading unmanned system integrators, TeAx obviously provides high-level experts in both, hard- and software engineering. This being said, if a client requires individual solution approaches, TeAx engineers create the right solution for it – in time and function.

“Knowledge is power”. Are you ready to empower your environment? Contact us today to learn more.

About TeAx Technology – A Leading Edge System Integration High-Tech Company

TeAx Technology provides application specific solutions in hardware and software. Expertise are embedded systems and remote sensing. The focus is on development and integration of special payloads for (commercial, professional) drones. For general development and projects on integration to PC software and embedded systems, TeAx Technology convinces through customized solutions and individual advice.