ThermalCapture meets UB-FIRE


ThermalCapture in Fire Safety Research Experiments

The UB-FIRE team (University of Bremen, Germany – Fire Safety Research Expirement) did some experiments with ThermalCapture:

“With the infrared camera another core item has arrived for our experiment! We use this camera to investigate the flame propagation velocity of burning samples under microgravity conditions. The camera system comprises of the FLIR Tau 2 core and the attached ThermalCapture module, which enables us to store the video and radiometry data directly onto an USB stick.

We are extremely pleased that the TeAx Technology UG, the manufacturer of ThermalCapture, supports us and our project. The sponsorship includes technical assistance and the provision of the ThermalCapture module. We are very grateful for their support and already have started to work with the camera system.”

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