ThermalCapture 2.0 – Faster. Lighter. Unbeatable!

Store raw and radiometric thermal data from drones – with ThermalCapture 2.0

After intensive designing and hardware development of TeAx engineers, the team was able to bring ThermalCapture to its next level.

“Since we design and develop every piece of hard- and software in-house, we were able to optimize ThermalCapture 2.0 in a very strong way. And the results speak for themselves really: ThermalCapture 2.0 is faster, lighter and one of the best parts is, it now stores even full frame rates for fast Tau 2 cores.”, CEO of TeAx Technology Stefan Thamke says.

Overview on ThermalCapture 2.0:

TOP Features at a glance:

  • Per-pixel temperature measurements
  • Store Digital RAW data on Micro SD Card
  • Analog live video output
  • Stores position and time (GPS + PPS / MAVLink)
  • S-Bus compatible
  • Remote controllable
  • Compatible with Tau 2 cores in every resolution for 9Hz and 30Hz
  • Compatible with FLIR software tools

TOP Specifications at a glance:

  • 95g including Tau 2 core
  • 45 x 45 x 60 mm³ (W x H x L)
  • Aluminum housing for rough conditions

Areas of applications for ThermalCapture 2.0:

There are various applications for ThermalCapture 2.0 – especially in combination with a drone. Most relevant applications are for example in

Thermal Inspections with drones


  • Monitoring conditions of environments
  • Roof inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Powerline inspection
  • Agriculture & Precision farming
  • Other

Support for authorities


  • Firefighter and Police
  • Security and Rescue
  • Disaster Management
  • Other

Research & Development


  • Universities
  • Special projects
  • Other

Free post-processing software + interface to Flir Tools

As with the previous version, ThermalCapture 2.0 comes along with the free post-processing software ThermoViewer – including an interface to the even more powerful post-processing software Flir Tools, in case it is needed. Clients from all over the world benefit from regular software updates, where new features are being integrated (usually based on requests from clients). The software can be downloaded for Windows or MAC OS.

ThermalDrones – All-in-one solutions available at TeAx

Since TeAx Technology is a system integrator by heart, of course full solutions are being available to clients. That can include a gimbal, where ThermalCapture + Thermal Cameras fit well or even a full, ready-to-fly thermal drone system. Since TeAx Technology is an independent company, the team can perfectly consult its client on their actually needs and fill find solutions for their challenges.

Service & Support

For TeAx Technology clients and their request are taken seriously. No matter what it is, the team is always listening carefully and is supporting where it can. This is appreciated its clients from all over the world: Feel free to read a use case and testimonial from John Wolcott, who runs a company Industrial Aerobotics in the US.

Contact & Further Information

Contact us today and receive further information about ThermalCapture 2.0 and related (drone) solutions we can provide to you.

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