Post-processing for ThermalCapture Recordings


ThermoViewer gives you all the features you need to browse through your recorded data quickly, enhance visual representation, fine-tune and correct recordings, and to export data into your format of choice for further processing.

ThermoViewer comes free of charge with every compatible ThermalCapture product. Feel free to download ThermoViewer and some sample data to experience the full feature set.



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Visual representation



Convert recorded data into stunning false color representations. ThermoViewer gives you the choice of fine-tuning single frames until perfection or setting options for a huge amount of data at once.The image shows four different color tables applied to the same recorded frame in post-processing.



Non-Uniformity Correction


Thermal cameras tend to react quickly to changing environmental conditions. That often results in colder measurements in the corners of a frame compared to the center. For single frame analysis this drawback can sometimes be neglected. If multiple frames shall be merged together into Orthomosaiks or 3D Models, those Non-Uniformities often lead to bad results. The resolution of thermal recordings is small in comparison to RGB images and a loss of data in the edges of frames adds up to this.

ThermoViewer includes a feature called Non-Uniformity Correction, which helps to minimise this effect. It corrects affected measurements and provides full resolution usable data for further processing.

Original dataset

With applied Non-Uniformity Correction

Original dataset

With applied Non-Uniformity Correction


Exported frames have Non-Uniformity Correction applied and are ready for further processing.

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The video shows a comparison between the original dataset on the left and the same dataset with applied Non-Uniformity Correction on the right.

With applied Non-Uniformity Correction it is easier to parse the information manually and the full frame can be used for further processing.



Drift Compensation


Another effect, caused by changing environmental conditions in uncooled thermal cameras, is thermal drift. Measurements taken with such cameras can vary in absolute temperature accuracy over time. The FLIR camera cores, that are used in ThermalCapture cameras, have a built-in shutter to minimise this effect during recording. The so called FFC (Flat Field Correction) events recalibrate the camera to its current state. A new calibration may lead to a jump in temperature measurements from the frame before the FFC to the one after.

To correct those sudden temperature changes ThermalCapture cameras tag every FFC event in the recorded data along with needed camera parameters for optimisation. ThermoViewer recognises those tags and corrects measurements between consecutive FFC events accordingly. This all happens without any user input.


Original dataset

With applied Drift Compensation


In the above example an FFC event happened between frames 62 and 63.
Without Drift Compensation there is a temperature jump of 1.5°C from before the calibration to afterwards.



Automatic Frame Selection


Data recorded with ThermalCapture products is generally geo-referenced. ThermoViewer can make use of this information to automatically select the needed frames for orthomosaic or 3D model creation.

ThermoViewer determines the needed parameters for this calculation directly from recorded data. Users just have to enter the flying height over ground and the wanted overlap in percent. Everything else is done automatically.

All frames from original dataset (629)

Automatically selected frames (34)


In the above example the flying height over ground was 100m and the wanted overlap is set to 85%. ThermoViewer automatically calculates which frames to use for export to match the given requirements. The number of frames for further post-processing is reduced from 629 frames to 34 frames in this example.





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