ThermoViewer is our post-processing software for recorded thermal data.

You can find compatible products here: TeAx Thermal Camera Products.


ThermoViewer 3.0.7

Download ThermoViewer 3.0.7

Windows Mac OS X User Manual


Changelog (28th Februar 2020):

  • Added export for binary InertialSense data
  • Enhanced Linux support
  • Minor bugfixes



ThermoViewer 3.0.4

Download ThermoViewer 3.0.4

Windows Mac OS X User Manual


Changelog (18th September 2019):

  • Added parser for InertialSense data



ThermoViewer 3.0.0

Download ThermoViewer 3.0.0

Windows Mac OS X User Manual


Changelog (13th May 2019):

  • Added radiometric parameters for fine-tuning recorded data
  • Added Point Of Interest function


Changelog (5th March 2019):

  • Added support for updated TFC file format


Changelog (13th February 2019):

  • Support for md downlink data (Added altitude, number of satellites, etc.)


Changelog (31. January 2019):

  • Bugfix for processing uncompressed recordings
  • Support for latest data format



  • Export of combined IR and RGB now as an option
  • Window size for NUC parameter estimation now user definable




ThermoViewer 2.1.6

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.6


  • Bugfix on export function (Gain low, Gain high, Automatic gain now work as expected)

Windows Mac OS X User Manual



ThermoViewer 2.1.5

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.5


Windows Mac OS X User Manual



ThermoViewer 2.1.4

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.4


  • Fixed issue with Sensor Information data in TIFF & JPEG EXIF

Windows Mac OS X User Manual



ThermoViewer 2.1.3

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.3


  • Fixed issue with GPS data in TIFF EXIF

Windows Mac OS X



ThermoViewer 2.1.2

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.2


  • Fixed bug in TFC file merge.
  • Added housing- and FPA-temperatures to GUI and CSV export

Windows Mac OS X



ThermoViewer 2.1.1

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.1


  • Upgrade of EXIF data in exported TIFF files

Windows Mac OS X



ThermoViewer 2.1.0

Download ThermoViewer 2.1.0


  • 1st version of Non Uniformity Correction for post-processing (NUC) – Even out measurement errors

Windows Mac OS X



ThermoViewer 2.0.3

Download ThermoViewer 2.0.3


  • Bugfix in SEQ export

Windows Mac OS X



ThermoViewer 2.0.2

Download the NEW, free software ThermoViewer 2.0.2

Windows Mac OS X



Download test data for for ThermoViewer 2.0