Fully Integrated & Ready To Fly.

Clients do benefit from TeAx long expertise within the unmanned industry. Get full, ready-to-fly thermal drones.

Selecting a drone:
Since TeAx remains independent from any drone manufacturer, they are in the position to offer any drone as payload carrier to their clients – based on their actual needs (not where they get the best conditions).

What payloads do I need?
Purchasing a drone is only half of the mission. Since you want to successfully accomplish a job or project, you certainly are in the need of payloads. Next to thermal cameras, we can provide you with many more sensors. Talk to us and learn, what your actual needs are and how we can provide you with a working solution.

Next steps:
If you would like to receive further information, just contact us. We are happy to consult you and provide you with a solution approach based on your actual needs. Contact us:

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