ThermoViewer – Software Update 1.3.9 released


TeAx Technology is releasing a new software update (ThermoViewer 1.3.9) for its product ThermalCapture. As an owner of ThermalCapture it is recommended to download and install the new software.

The main benefits as an overview:

  • Two-color representation
    You are now able to select a temperature range, which is highlighted in a colored representation, while the rest of the image is displayed as a grayscale. This allows you to easily focus on specific items. (Image below is focusing on wild animals.
  • Export of radiometric JPGs
    The export of radiometric JPGs enables you to load recorded data from our ThermalCapture module into software from FLIR, like the FLIR Tools, or ResearchIR. This speeds up the process of creating stunning reports and gives you access to deeper temperature analyses.
  • Command line parameters
    You can now use ThermoViewer as a command line application to do batch processing of your data. All export functions of the GUI are available via command line, so you can easily produce images or videos in no time.

You can download ThermoViewer 1.3.9 following the download button below.



In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us.