ThermalCapture X series.
Next generation lightweight drone thermal cameras.


ThermalCapture X is part of the brand-new, next-generation lightweight drone thermal camera family. It brings thermal vision capability on almost any small drone at a minimal SWaP-C. Mission ready and best used with First Responders, Wildlife-Monitoring, Safety or other applications.


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Features in a nutshell



The sensor runs at 25Hz framerate.


There is HDMI and AV video output available.

Super light

The ready-to-use camera comes with a 65g weight only!

Drone Compatible

Ready to be used on almost any small drone available to the market.




Technical specifications


  ThermalCapture X 640 ThermalCapture X 384
Weight 65g 62g
Resolution 640x512 384x288
Lenses 13mm (33° x 27°) 6.8mm (51° x 39°)
13mm (28° x 21°)
19mm (20° x 15°)
Thermal Sensitivity <60mK
Thermal Spektrum 8 – 14 µm (LWIR)
Measurement Range -20°C to 120°C
Interfaces 2x PWM, 1x physical button
Input Voltage 5V via Micro USB
6 - 24V DC via JST






3D model for ThermalCapture X

ThermalCapture X 3D model