ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom.
World’s first fully aligned, super-lightweight zoom-able dual camera for professional drone operations.


ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom is the uncooled thermal camera, that gives you everything you need. It delivers state of the art 640×512 pixel thermal measurements with sensitivity down to 30mK. Completely aligned to the thermal sensor sits a powerful RGB sensor, which delivers FULL-HD pixel daylight data, with a 10x optical zoom capability.

Data from both sensors is available in real-time via HDMI, Analog Video and also as a digital stream via USB. Simultaneously ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom stores pairs of RGB and IR readings with the full frame rate of non export restricted FLIR Tau 2 Cores (8.33Hz). Access to real-time and recorded data is granted by our intuitive set of libraries. Post-processing of recorded data is also possible with our free to use ThermoViewer software. ThermoViewer can be used in graphical interface mode and can also be used to automate conversion processes from the command line.


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Dual camera data in action


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Recorded with ThermalCapture Fusion
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Recorded with ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom at zoom level 5




Features in a nutshell


Aligned IR and RGB sensor

All recorded data contains timely and geometrically aligned IR and RGB frames for perfect per pixel overlay.

Overlay of IR and RGB

Overlay is possible with changeable opacity for live view via HDMI or PAL/NTSC output and in post-processing.

10x optical zoom (RGB)

Inspect distant objects without the need to move your platform closer. Enhances speed and safety of your applications.

Record to SD Card

Store radiometric thermal data together with daylight images onto handy SD cards.


Per pixel absolute temperature

Each recorded frames provides access to absolute temperature values of each and every contained pixel.

Hot Spot Detection

Automatically mark hotspots in live view and post processing.

Geo-referenced data material

Use ThermalCapture GPS, or connect any device to our serial interface to add meta data to your recordings.

S-BUS / PPM / PWM / Trigger

Control all available functions live via multiple supported communication channels.


The only small drone dual camera, which is capable of recording the full thermal frame rates


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Videos & Images

HDMI Live Output


ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom. In Search & Rescue Operations


ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom. In Search & Rescue Operations


ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom – Product Images


ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom – See 10x optical zoom in action


Technical specifications


Dimensions 83 x 71 x 46 mm (W x H x L)
Weight 310g
Thermal Resolution 640x512
Daylight Resolution 1920x1080
Thermal Sensitivity Standard <50mK
On Request: <30mK
Thermal Spektrum 7,5 – 13,5 µm (LWIR)
Interfaces HDMI (Micro HDMI jack)
Analog Video (PAL/NTSC)
USB (Mini USB jack)
SD Card
PWM / PPM / S-BUS / Trigger
Input Voltage 12 - 35V
Operating Temperatures -20 °C bis +65 °C

ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom product brochure





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3rd party tools


Sample Data

Find a compilation of sample datasets here.