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What are interesting camera parameters for stitching/mapping applications.
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As an example find the values for a Tau 2 640 with 13mm lens in the following.
By exchanging resolution and focal length data, this can be extrapolated to other Tau 2 models.

Focal length in mm: 13mm
Chip size X in pixels: 640
Chip size Y in pixels: 512

Pixel pitch for Tau 2 640 and 336: 17µm
Pixel pitch for Tau 2 324: 25µm

Chip size X in mm: resolution_X * pitch = 640 * 17µm = 10.88mm
Chip size Y in mm: resolution_Y * pitch = 512 * 17µm = 8.704mm

Focal length in pixels: (resolution_X) * (focal length in mm) / (Chip size X in mm) = 640px * 13mm / 10.88mm = 764.7px
Principal Point X in mm: Chip size X in mm / 2 = 10.88mm / 2 = 5.44mm
Principal Point Y in mm: Chip size Y in mm / 2 = 8.704mm / 2 = 4.352mm

The last three values may slightly vary between camera cores, but should be good starting points for estimation.

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