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How can I export a video with IR and RGB overlay?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Please use the latest version of ThermoViewer.
You can download it from here:

Open your recorded .TFC file in ThermoViewer, or use this one as a sample:

Adjust color palette and transparency until you are satisfied with the result. A typical setting looks like this:


Then open the "Frame export" dialog. It is accessible via the second button from the left in the toolbar.

In that dialog select "AVI" as the "Target format" and if needed, adjust Target directory and Target name settings. After everything is set-up, please click on the Export button.


The result will be an AVI file, that looks like the preview within ThermoViewer.

An example, of how the result of this workflow will look like, can be found here (converted to MP4 and reduced to half resolution, for size):

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