Solar Inspections & Radiometric Stitching

The thermal mosaic from this case shows part of a solar cell installation on the Rooftop of Dokk1 in the center of Aarhus, Denmark. The purpose was multi-fold: to locate and identify defective individual cells and complete panels. In addition, to detail the effect of dirty panels, by comparing thermal mosaics from before and after the panels were cleaned

Technical Adaptations by TeAx

The client is using a standard ThermalCapture Recorder 2.0 with a FLIR Tau 2 640 core. No further modifications done. However, together with the client special cable were provided as well as special features for the post-processing software ThermoViewer were developed on request.


We have been using TeAx Technology as our supplier for thermal drone solutions for the past two years, and we are very satisfied with their products. Our thermal data collection is performed in a cold and challenging environment. In that regard, TeAx Technology has been helpful and committed to providing targeted assistance and has in addition implemented custom measures to enhance our data collection quality. We find that TeAx Technology are both professional, agile and innovative while maintaining a pragmatic solution approach. Today, we practically consider our relationship with TeAx Technology more like a partner than a supplier.CEO, Drone Systems

Further Information

Topic Solar Inspections & Radiometric Stitching
Client Drone Systems
TeAx Solutions ThermalCapture 2.0 640 + ThermoViewer
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