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Dual camera data in action


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Recorded with ThermalCapture Fusion
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FLIR OEM / sUAS Products


TeAx Technology is a certified reseller and FLIR premium partner for OEM parts and sUAS products.


We provide the whole FLIR Vue Pro range, as well as all FLIR Duo and Duo Pro products.


Zenmuse XT / Zenmuse XT2

We also provide the DJI Zenmuse XT and DJI Zenmuse XT2 products for integration into DJI drones.



We provide FLIR Tau, Boson and Lepton thermal camera cores inluding user-specific and of-the-shelf add-on boards.





Case Studies




TeAx Expertise

Product Development

TeAx is capable to design, develop and engineer complete solutions and/or products based on clients request. Contact us to learn more.

(Unmanned) System Integrator

TeAx provides excellent engineers with a long-term experience in both, soft- and hardware. Most of the engineers also spent many years within the unmanned industry already. Contact us and learn, how we can support you within your development or projects.

Independent Consulting

TeAx is 100% independent. Consequently, TeAx is in the position to create significant analyzes of solutions, system architectures or other Research & Development activities. Request further information and benefit from an independent specialists, who truly knows the business you are in.

TeAx Background

Leading edge system integration.

TeAx Technology provides application-specific solutions in hardware and software.

Expertise are embedded systems and remote sensing. The focus is on development and integration of special payloads for UAVs.

For general development and projects on integration to PC software and embedded systems, TeAx Technology convinces through customized solutions and individual advice.